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Fira Sans Font Free Download [Direct Link]

The Fira Sans Font is a group of sans-serif typeface families created from a collaboration between Erik Spiekermann, Ralph du Carrois, Anja Meiners, and Botio Nikoltchev for Mozilla Firefox OS. It was designed to improve the user experience of internet content on small mobile devices.

Fira Sans Font Family

Fira Sans Font Preview

Fira Sans Font is an open-source font family designed for Mozilla Firefox OS. It has been created for the platform’s interface since 2013.

In its initial 2013 release, Fira Sans was available in four weights with corresponding italics: light, regular, medium, and bold. In May 2014, the number of weights was increased to 16. It’s a global language that has Arabic, Devanagari, Georgian, Hebrew and Thai letters in addition to Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets in the typeface.

Usage of Fira Sans Font

In terms of usage, this typeface works well in headlines, titles, and texts. With its help, designers can make the layout of a website neat and attractive. It’s the official font of choice for the New Zealand Government and the Government of Iceland.

In our opinion, this font needs to be on everyone’s list. As smooth as one of the vital different fonts which makes it great for making an amazing have an effect on your designs. The bold letters of the Fira Sans font provide clean and easily readable text designs.

It is friendly, readable, and available for almost all writing systems. Use it in all your different projects.

Alternatives of Fira Sans Font

I’m sure you might have seen many websites using this pretty font. But I want to say it’s not every day that you get a new typeface from world-famous designers. So if you are ready to get started with this great font, be sure to hit the download now button below.

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