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F37 Bella Font Free Download

F37 Bella Font Free Download [Direct Link]

F37 Bella Font could be the font for your next design project. It’s a highly customizable font that incorporates natural curves and lines to make it more readable. This, along with extra ligatures, decorative flourishes, and OpenType features, makes this font stand out from the rest.

F37 Bella Font is a new cute font based on handwriting style. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and some extra characters that help create some cool effects! Easy to use for beginners, it will be a nice complement to your design.

F37 Bella Font Family


F37 Bella font family is designed by Filis & Viktor and includes 11 styles. Paratype published it in 2016.

Its type design is related to sans serif and geometrical sans serif (examples of fonts in these categories are FF DIN, URW Grotesk, Triumvirate MD Sans, and Weight). Still, the letterforms have been inspired by hand-drawn typography and lettering with thick strokes, adding some curves to the corners.

Usage of F37 Bella Font

The Font covers a wide range of purposes, from packaging design, headlines, and logo design to web and apps.

It gives your design a charming manga and comic book style. Like the other cool fonts, it supports Western characters and contains various OpenType features such as ligatures, stylistic alternates, etc.

F37 Bella Font is a professional font, which belongs to the decorative category of laser fonts. It can be used for various applications. With this font, you can emphasize different parts of your projects and make them stand out.


It is an exquisite and modern script that suits perfectly any kind of product need. Its look is very similar to a brush-lettering effect. Still, because it’s executed in a font format, you can match the font style with any other typographic elements, including your logo.

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This is a very unique and interesting font that will create beautiful effects. The Font is an old typewriter-style font, but it also has a cowboy/western look. It contains numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters.

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