Exo Font Free Download

Exo Font Free Download

Exo font is the most versatile and exciting typeface I have ever used. There are nine weight sets in total, each with its unique characteristics to offer- including an italic version for those who want that extra bit of flair.

We hope these tips help make things easier when designing with fonts – just have fun experimenting around until you find out which ones are best suited for each project.

Exo Font Family


The Exo Font Generator is a great way to get your hands on unique You’re text-based Logos online without having to spend any. It’s free and contains many classes, including Condensed medium font styles that you can use for branding purposes.

It’s a perfect font that can be used in multiple places because of its extended weight and family. You could use the typeface for your designs, Its, or products; small texts on websites with a prominent appearance (e-learning) render well.

The Download include’s two weights: regular & bold as well as 18 styles including italics which will be helpful if you’re looking to create stylish headings for blogs posts – just take note not all characters come standard, but they do provide alternative versions, so there is no need worry about missing data when creating those.

The Exo font is the perfect way to start your website and make it successful. It gives off a clean look, which makes the design beautiful! You can get TTF or OTF versions of this fantastic new typeface for free download from us here.

This Exo font is a free and open-source typeface that you can download for your future products. 

Alternatives of Exo Font

You’re not limited to just one product or design either – this license allows the use of these characters on any kind of media as long as they are used under license.

The link from where we found our beautiful typography has been given below, so please check it out before downloading anything else today.

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