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Eurostile font

Eurostile font Free Download [Direct Link]

Aldo Novarese created the Eurostile font in 1962. It’s a geometric sans-serif typeface. It’s similar to Microgramma. Eurostile has three weights, plus uppercase letters only. Ten years later, Novareses added lowercase letters to Eurostile. 

He also created a condensed variant and a complete set of 7 fonts, including the original and extra bold weights. In fact, Google has included the Eurostile font among its list of free fonts in 2013.

Eurostile Font Family

In the 1970s, Italian designer Adriano Novarese used his skills to create a complete version of the Eurostile font and family. The font is well-known for its appearances in science fiction artwork and movies. It has a fashionable, architectural look that is great on headings and posters. The Eurostile Demi Font gives a dynamic and technologically advanced feel to designs.

Usage of Eurostile font

This beautiful font would be very useful for any kind of creative work. You can be creative when you work with this script font, so use it. There are a lot of things you can make with it, like logos, cards, and website layouts. It can also be used to add a nostalgic feel to a wide range of creative works.

Since Eurostile is a popular font, it works very well for headings and signs. Its linear nature suggests modern architecture, with an appeal both technical and functional. It is particularly popular in science fiction artwork in the 1960s and 70s.

As an example, Doctor Who used the font for the credits during the Second Doctor era (1966 to 1969, with Patrick Troughton in the lead role), and again in cast and crew titles from 1987 to 1989. Additionally, Eurostile—and the Microgramma Extended Bold font on which it is based—was the primary font used in the science fiction series UFO, created by Gerry Anderson in 1969.

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Alternatives of Eurostile font

With the Eurostile font, children who enjoy playing with them on keyboards or paper templates can learn more easily. A complete set including 26 alphabets provides impressive screen appearances while still fun.

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