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Europa Font Free Download

Europa Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Looking for this ancient Europa Font free download? Look no further!

The Europa Font is available in a lot of different styles, such as Europa Regular, Europa Light, Europa Medium, Europa Bold, and other styles.

A touch typist, a pleasure seeker of letterforms, and legal requirements for type in the EU— You will learn everything you need to know about Europa Font in this post.

Europa Font Family


The EU eGovernment Action Plan for 2010–2015 includes an aim to enhance the identity and visibility of the EU through better use of language as well as the visual presentation of EU information.

In support of this objective, a font family called ‘Europa’ has been developed within the EUROPA program.

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In this document, we will explore some of the deeper aspects of Europa font and the interesting role it plays in history. The font is a unique creation with a long history and has ties to several major world events.

It is a trademark owned by the Monotype Corporation.

Other than the name, this font has nothing to do with Europe or the continent of Europe. The font was made back in 1952 and it’s quite popular for headings and titles. It’s preferred for headlines that need to be thin, elegant, and clean-cut.

Europa font is one of the top 5 most popular fonts in the world. It was created by Compagnie Française and was designed between 1955 and 1960.

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Europa font is a contemporary font and it is very cool to use it in design, so if you want to create a cool text or you want to create a logo then you can opt for this font.

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Europa font is one of the bestselling typefaces in the U.S. Since its creation, Europa used as an ornament font for headlining and page borders for books, magazines, and newspapers. It has been used on the last page of the Declaration of Independence and the first page of the Bill of Rights.

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