Dosis Font Free Download

Dosis Font Free Download

Dosis is a typeface that was designed by Impallari Type many years ago. When this font first came out, it only had Extra Light Style weight and extended Latin characters, but with time the family grew to be one of those versatile fonts you can use for anything.

Dosis Font Family

Dosis Font Family-preview

In September 2011, new additions made dosis into a complete set, giving designers even more options in their designs. You can create beautiful text-based logos and posters with the Dosis font for free online. It has 88 languages that are supported, making it accessible to everyone across the globe.

What font do you say? You’ve found your new best friend. The Lato Font is specifically made for all those who are looking to make their design stand out. 

Usage of Dosis Font

These reasons include, but aren’t limited to its stylish yet straightforward designs; its ability as an alternative font in case Dosis isn’t available on any of our devices–which can happen sometimes; or even if someone has never heard about typography before now they will know that this typeface belongs with everything else around them because it is just aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t you want to make your text eye-catching? Then Dosis is the perfect font for that. This sleek and modern typeface can be used in any number of places without giving it another thought.

Alternatives of Dosis Font

Furthermore, try using it on your websites and other places. It is a simple font that makes the context extraordinary.

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