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DIN Condensed Font

DIN Condensed Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Many visitors ask us what’s the best font in your opinion. We think it’s DIN Condensed font!

For photography types of designs and projections, DIN Condensed font is absolutely the best one to do that. This font has become famous for popular motive use in signage and shows variations. Continue reading to learn how DIN Condensed font helps your pix and photos to look great and professional.

DIN Condensed Font Family


This bundle consists of 2 exclusive copies from this style which are now on sale only through April 30th: one with 250+ glyphs and another without any ligatures or diacritics, making your design measurably easier!

DIN Condensed is a sans-serif typeface created to be used on the German Institute for Standardization website. The font came out in 1931 and became popular because of its modern, simple design, which contrasts sharply with serif fonts.

DIN is a typeface family first used by the German electric company Duesseldorfer Industrie-Gesellschaft (DIG). The original design of this kind of font made it simple to implement and read in any situation. 

It has been popular for use with signage because it is so legible and due to its unadorned style, which lends itself brilliantly to the purpose. Many variations on the initial layout have popped up over time, making them excellent choices for businesses and designers who want an uncomplicated yet striking look while keeping their work readable at all times.

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This font is perfect for any design that needs a clean and casual look. It can be used in social media posts, quotes, Pinterest pins, thumbnail web designs, or typography – and it’ll probably make your vlogs more authentic!

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This sans serif font will also work great on Social Media posts (especially if you need to write something quick!), as well as when typing out inspiring quotes onto related images like those found on Pinterest or with photography from the last get-together at grandma’s house. 

The typeface also pairs nicely with modern website layouts due to its simplicity of line strokes.

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