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Corona Font Free Download

Corona Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Corona Font is a definition of an exuberant calibration of the font, with a vibrant typeface style that gives a spherical bold vibe and appeals to the texts. 

It is designed in a particular way that all the letters of this font offer thickened and rounded formation since all the letters of this font have curved with soft edges.

Corona Font Family

The lettering artist and font designer Chauncey F. Griffith was the creator of this font back in 1941.

Corona is a release from a franchise of one of the most amazing, marketed, and licensed & quality fonts, known as the ‘Mergenthaler Linotype Company’ in the market known as Linotype. It’s home to the high preferable font types including, Sans Serif, Serif, Script, Arabic, Calligraphy as well as Handwriting.

The prominent feature of this font is its beauty and feel, which gives new energy to your texts. It presents a strong, steady, and bold gesture to the texts mostly seen in advertisements and newspaper headlines.

The formation of the letters represents a regular size with condensed characteristics with only a single weight design. It is classified as a geometric, serif type of design.



Corona is a multi-platform font with a distinctive style that can be used for a wide range of projects, including headlines of textual animation, illustration, advertising, and textual logos.

It can be used to create book covers, magazine covers, brochure covers, flyers along with other items.

Font Clarity

The clarity of the Corona font is one of its best features, which is accomplished by the bold and firm design which prevents black and white background contrast.

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The bold, stiff rounded shape of Corona font is one of its prominent features which can effectively draw the attention of the viewers when used on large-scale display advertisements.


Corona font shows a comprehensive level of detail and a high depth of resolution, making it perfect for all printable platforms. It also has an attribute that prevents text from blurring when cropped or zoomed.

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