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Corbel Font Free Download

Corbel Font Free Download [Direct Link]

If you’re looking for a fascinating font to catch attention, look no further than the Haettenschweiler Font Family. This sans-serif typeface features unique ligatures and styles that are sure to make your project stand out from all of the others!

Corbel Font Family offers an uncluttered design with open letterforms and soft, flowing curves that are pleasant to read. It’s legible at smaller sizes while the detailing becomes more apparent when used for larger text.

Corbel Font Family


This is a modern sans-serif font family which has many possible uses from digital advertising materials all the way up to signage boards in airports or shopping malls!

Corbel is a humanist sans-serif typeface that was launched in 2005 and designed by Jeremy Tankard for Microsoft. Corbel, which belongs to the ClearType Font Collection, comes with Windows Vista’s set of fonts from diverse designers including Calibri, Cambria Candara Consolas, and Constantia.

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Tankard described his goals within the household’s design, namely to maneuver far from round i-dot sans fonts that are seen plenty of not too long ago. To make this more interesting, Tankard desired italic typefaces to be expressive and bold rather than sloped roman types.

The italic form is a true italic, with influences from serif fonts and calligraphy. The letters are all slightly different in terms of their shape but still retain the classic lettering style that you would expect to see on wedding invitations or children’s birthday cards.

Corbel is a typeface that has been designed with an open, clean look on the monitor. This font features gently flowing curves and soft letterforms to create uncluttered display text while maintaining professional aesthetics.

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Corbel presents users with an easy-to-read design perfect for business correspondence or other important documents where legibility matters most!

Download the font files in different formats like TTF, pdf, rar, and zip format. Share your auspicious views with us by commenting below or on social media channels.

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