Coolvetica Font Free Download

Coolvetica Font Free Download

Coolvetica is a sans-serif typeface that was designed to mimic the logo of a popular American chain store. It first came into being when people became obsessed with Helvetica, and this has been going on for some time now.

This old-style typeface is perfect for those looking to rebrand themselves as vintage darlings. This font comes with a fun, creative design and it’s easy enough that you can use them anywhere without paying any extra fees.

Coolvetica Font Family

The sans-serif display typeface is designed after being stimulated by American’s store of chain. It has various characters and weights, as well as additional versions that originated a few years into the font release.

This font is so popular that they released a newer version of it. If you don’t have this typeface in your system, then go ahead and use Coolvetica Font Generator to create logos or posters for any cause. It’s completely free.

Usage of Coolvetica Font

This font is perfect to use in any design, whether you are working on display type or large headings. It’s bold and fun.

Apart from that, you can also go for the free alternatives to this sans-serif font. A few good options are Raleway Heavy font or Work Sans Bold – both of which offer some unique features not found in most other typefaces.

Alternatives of Coolvetica Font

A great alternative is using one letter as the title “Coolvetica” rather than having multiple words apart from each other like before.

You can enjoy this font for free and use it as you wish. All that’s required is downloading the file after which your creativity will be limitless.

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