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Consolas Font

Consolas Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Consolas is a typeface that was created by Luc De Groot and released in 2004. It has since become one of the most usable fonts within ClearType Font collections. Microsoft Typography makes it available for public use soon after its creation on its website’s typefaces page.

The name “Consol” comes from consulate or console, which means you can find out what these characters look like before using them while playing video games.

The font consists mainly I n upper-case letters along w with numbers and some other symbols such as dingbats, so there will always be valuable something when necessary– unlike many monospaced designs where specific Digi.

Consolas Font Family

This typeface can be used in many Microsoft operating systems, including Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, and Visual Studio 2010. 

It has become the primary font for use on Visa cards, making it perfect for displaying all TRUETYPE features from them too.

This particular script style has been designed specifically with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets in mind, so you’ll never have trouble reading any text no matter where your screen may take place inside this publication.

Usage of Consolas Font

The current version of this typeface can be supporting up to 2735 unique glyphs and different characters. If you want an instant design, use its free online font generator tool without downloading your OS.

You can make unique designs with the help of this high-quality typeface, such as business cards, gift cards, and printing projects. 

Alternatives of Consolas Font

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This font is excellent for use on any of your documents, presentations, or texts. This includes documentation purposes as well! It’s perfect to use in the header and footer, too – it has just enough detail so that you can still read what’s being said without having a hard time seeing individual characters.

The free and complete version of this font is available for download.

The link below will remove any doubts about specialty using it in all your graphic design projects.

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