College Font Free Download

College Font Free Download

You are introducing College Slab Serif Display Font. If you’re looking for an easily recognizable yet collegiate look, then this is just what your school colors need.

I created the font myself to make it useful and accessible by multiple devices with varying screen sizes. Still, I found out that each weight has its personality, but widths vary between thin (.75) all through ultra-thin (.25).

College Font Family

The lower case letters are the simplest of all capitalized script fonts. These have block serifs on them, which give it more of an old-fashioned look than simply having sharp points as uppercase does.

The ability of this material to withstand any conditions makes it ideal for use in the most diverse industries. 

Usage of College Font

It can be used as an ingredient or by itself, depending on your needs; whether you want something soft and pliable like fabric but with durability (for instance, when designing textures), making weird wedding cards, invites, etcetera-or if printing is what takes priority over anything else then there are some incredible possibilities available.

Additionally, this font is an excellent way for designers of all levels to get started. If you’re just creating in design or have been designing since before the internet existed and paw patrol was only on TV, these fonts will help your work stand out from other ads.

Alternatives of College Font

College font fonts are a great way to make your designs stand out. The relaxed, cartoony style is perfect for logos or menus in need of some personality.

This font is likely one of the most used fonts around the globe. It’s free to download in exceptional formats like TTF and OTF.

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