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Cochin Font free download

Cochin Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Cochin Font is an amazingly designed, artistically pleasing typeface that gives a classical and modern perception with a glamorous, stylish, and professional characteristic to your text. It offers sufficient information to your document by including names and subheadings brief descriptions.

George Piegnot initially designed this font in 1914. Later on, it was expanded by Mathews Carter in 1977 and released by the Linotype foundry.

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Linotype foundry is the center of one of the most awesome fonts containing Helvetica, Univers, Frutiger, Optima, and many more famous fonts.

Cochin Font Family


Cochin font is classified as a serif font family, consisting of up to four typefaces.

The black and thin strokes of the Cochin font are great features for large-scale displays, whereas the small, standard fonts are ideal for longer texts.

The Cochin font has dynamic and competent typography.


Cochin font is cross-platform and is a remarkably versatile font type so that it can be used for various projects such as web display, illustration, textual animation, large-scale advertising, and textual logos.

It can also create book covers, magazine covers, and brochure covers.

Font Clarity

Cochin font is constructed with precise spacing between each letter, and each character has a lot of emphasis in every stroke to make it as simple as possible, so font clarity is one of the font’s best features.

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Cochin font is one of the most attractive fonts available online, with fine detail to make your project stand out in public.

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The Cochin font has a great texture appropriate for all print formats, and it has a feature that prevents the text from dilapidating or eroding when zooming the page.


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