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Clarendon Font

Clarendon Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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The elegant and sophisticated Clarendon typeface is a slab-serif designed by talented designer Robert Besley in 1845 with some help from Benjamin Fox.

This font has been copyrighted countless times with 462 glyphs that make up 14 styles to offer an eye-catching experience for any design project you may have on your mind.

Clarendon Font Family

Clarendon was a bold, modern serif typeface popular in the 19th century. It has bracketed serifs and becomes more extensive as it approaches its primary stroke for added effect, making words look more heavy duty than they are.

At the same time, this font gives off an old-fashioned charm like what you might find on antique printing press signs or advertisements from centuries ago.

Usage of Clarendon Font

The Clarendon font is one of the most versatile, legible typefaces available. It can be used in many different designs, from light to dark, and will always maintain your message’s readability while still looking stylish.

This Clarendon but powerful serif has no usage limitations, so it works perfectly on any design platform whether you want something simple or ornate – just make sure not to overdo things with this fantastic bitstream able texture.

To download Clarendon free, scroll down to the Free Downloads section and enjoy it in your projects.

Alternatives of Clarendon Font

In our opinion, the Clarendon font is considered a graceful and classic typeface that is very prominently used in many different designs. So if you are looking to use it for social media posts, greeting and wedding cards, and website designs, be sure to give this font a try.

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