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Chicago Font

Chicago Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Susan Kare, the American artist who first designed the Chicago font for Apple company in 1984, was inspired by Japanese signage. 

Her design included uppercase letters and numbers and lower case versions to make it more versatile, which made this typeface extremely popular with users worldwide since its release on Macintosh computers back then. 

Chicago Font Family

Later Charles Bigelow & Kris Holmes re-designed it again, adding their touch of creativity, improving upon what Susan had created initially, making it better than before. In the end, the final version gives us two beautiful yet different styles: one ultra modern-looking without any sharp edges. In contrast, another has an old-school vibe thanks primarily to t the traditional style used throughout.

Chicago Font is not just pretty faces but comes packed the whole mischief too!

Usage of Chicago Font

Use the Chicago font Generator and get your free copy of this classic typeface. You can use it to create logos or write anything you want because it comes in many versions for an extended period.

This font is highly used in the initial version of Appleton. Furthermore, it has replaced notable fonts over time and continues to be popular among designers today.

The use or lack thereof can make all sorts of differences when designing an app’s interface so check out these six tips for deciding whether you need one at all.

Apple is a global technology giant, and the Chicago font can be applied in various places. It has been used by many companies, brands, and organizations for their logos over time, including Apple’s old ones too.

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Alternatives of Chicago Font

You’ll love using Chicago Typefaces because not only does this fantastic collection come with every imaginable font-variant – regular, bolded & italicized – but they provide additional language support by allowing users access keys to specific Eastern European character sets without having to install extra software onto their device(s).

Get ready to change the way your blog post looks with this beautiful and easy-to-use sans serif font. Download it for free from our download link that is attached above!

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