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Charter Font

Charter Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Matthew Carter originally designed a charter font in 1987 for Bitstream Inc. It is also known as the popular serif typeface, “Bit-Charter.” This font has strong lettering that makes it perfect to use on modern high-resolution laser printers or low-priced inkjet models since its legible design will make sure your message gets across clearly.

Charter Font Family

This font was one of Carter’s first designs, and it has been around ever since as an essential part of many landmark projects like the Nintendo logo or Adobe Systems Inc.’s famous scalable sans-serif “Muse”. 

The design features sharp corners on each letterform that give it character while still being very legible at small sizes perfect for use in guidelines where you need to see every detail without getting too close.

In 2004, a more expanded version of Charter was released with additional symbols, including figures (old-style) and small caps.

Usage of Charter Font

This font can be used for almost every type of design you need. It’s perfect for cards, leaflets, and digital publications. With this single versatile lettering calligraphic display face, there are endless possibilities with how your content will look on different Media such as social media posts, websites, blogs, book covers etcetera.

The lightweight yet sharp-looking typography has an elegant feel which makes them appropriate in both official documents & advertising materials where clarity matters most but still has enough energy, so they don’t become boring after reading over.

Alternatives of Charter Font

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Overall, this is the perfect font for your next marketing campaign. With its friendly pricing and no-hassle registration process, you’ll be able to create beautiful designs in minutes effortlessly.

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