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Castellar Font Free Download [Direct Link]

The Castellar typeface was designed in 1957 by John Peters. It was initially intended for the original name was Arrighi Letraset, named after Gianluigi (Gigi) Arrighi, then a sales representative of Monotype in Milan. The original design was drawn and cut by hand into Letraset rub-down lettering masters. This is how the font became so authentic and genuine, a look that cannot be duplicated using digital fonts.

All the rights of this gorgeous font have been reserved from 1992 with Monotype Corporation. That’s how it got the buzz and popularity when it was first released.

Castellar Font Family

Castellar Font Preview

Castellar is a beautiful and unique font family, developed in 1957 by John Peters. It remains one of the best-loved of its period and has been adapted for use across all areas, such as wedding invitations and logos. This font family comes in 6 styles and three weights including regular, bold, and roman versions with matching italics. 

Usage of Castellar Font

It comes with a complete set of very creative and unique for its typeface. They are massive, square elegant, and balanced with their weight. The Monotype Corporation has released it under Monotype Importers Inc’s corporate name. The design sorts in the wide range of our choice and also it features characteristics to use as.

You can use this remarkable font in any applications you like whether it’s logos, displayed text, headlines, graphics, website designs, etc. It definitely adds a special characteristic to your projects when using this font. We believe this font will do really well for you.

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In addition, this typeface has a decorative look but it can be used for official tasks, documentation, technical tasks, etc. It can be also used for office tasks such as stylish reports, records, invoices, and much more.

Alternatives of Castellar Font

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