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Cantoni font free download

Cantoni Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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The fusion of flares and curves joints brings life to one of the most classical font styles to exist in the market known as Cantoni font; this font depicts the true classical nature to blend in the world of curves or cursive style of the font.

This sensational font came into existence by the craftsmanship of a lettering artist and designer, Debi Sementalli, from Texas, Dallas.

Cantoni Font Family

Cantoni font free download was launched by the joint efforts of Debi Sementalli & Brain Bonislawsky via Debi Sementalli type foundry, which was intended to put classical aesthetics to the text on the desired objects.

Debi has used her maximum potential to craft flares, curls, curves, and italics; she aimed to design a font crafted using brushes and cursive pens.

Cantoni belongs to a font family with 7 different styles and characteristics based on Cantoni pro regular, pro bold, basic, bold, Cantoni flourishes, and ornamentals.

Since Cantoni free font comprises 7 different design features, they are sufficient to create displays, titles, brand names, logos, design wedding invitation cards, and brochures.


Cantoni font appears to be limited to only classical nature however, that is not the limit this font has a high potential for shining over the documents, boot titles, descriptions minor detail.

My personal preference will be to blend this font over the cologne bottles.

1. A Feel of Elegance

Cantoni font is one of those fonts which has the ability to draw the attention of the viewers because of its texture and format; hence it can out-shine in public viewing sites such as billboards, and pan-flexes.

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2. Customizability Features

Cantoni font adores to get engraved over leathers of a wallet or even the leather car seat, or dashboard covers, but it encompasses a much wider range.

3. Printability

Cantoni font is also recommended for printing different merchandise such as shirts, bags, or metal mended letters displayed over buildings’ gates.


Tell us what you love about this font, or you may want to suggest something; feel free to leave down your opinions below.

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