Have you ever heard of calligraphy? It is a form of art and typeface. There are many styles, but the two most popular types are modern and traditional. Download Free Calligraphy fonts.

Modern calligraphy fonts use more fluid strokes than traditional ones; they also have sharper angles that result in spikier edges. Standard calligraphy fonts use rounded shapes with smoother lines with fewer sharp corners.

Best Calligraphy Fonts

This means that each condition can be drawn using only one line that may be curved or straight, but it cannot change direction abruptly as modern calligraphy fonts do.

modern-and-traditional calligraphy fonts
types of calligraphy fonts

Calligraphy fonts are beautiful and enchanting; they can be used in various ways for any design project. These elegant typefaces will help you create the perfect atmosphere from wedding invitations to logo designs.

Calligraphy fonts are a great way to add an elegant touch to your design. Whether you’re creating a wedding invitation or want something that looks nice on your website, there’s a font for you! Creating calligraphy is difficult and time-consuming, but we have some fonts that can help us create the perfect look in minutes. Check out our list of the best calligraphy fonts below!

1. Ananda Font

Ananda free font

Ananda a beautifully crafted font with a slightly classical and casual aesthetic typeface design that offers a handwritten characteristic to your fonts.

Download at: Anada Font

2. Where the Wild Things Are Font

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This font is designed with a complexion of handwritten words, expressing suspense condition. The font also appears to be quite simple. There are no flares.

Download at: Where the Wild Things Are Font

3. Mermaid Tail Font

mermaid tails font

Are you looking for the Mermaid tail font free download? You’re at the right website to download and use this free calligraphy font in your designs.

Download at: Mermaid Tail Font

4. Cantoni Font

Cantoni font free download

The fusion of flares curves joints brings life to one of the most classical font styles to existing in the market known as Cantoni font; this font depicts the true classical nature to blend in the world of curves or cursive style of the font.

Download at: Cantoni Font

5. Legendaria Font Family

legendaria free font

Legendaria font free download is available here to use in different design projects. It is a calligraphy font. It is highly suggested in designing other book covers and letters.

Download at: Legendaria Font Family

6. Beauty Queen Font

beauty queen free font

Get Beauty queen calligraphy font free with no wait. We are here with a new and elegant handmade font. To give the next touch to your design, you can use this beauty font as a primary typeface.

Download at: Beauty Queen Font

7. Priscilla Script Font

Priscilla Script Font Free

A new calligraphy font which is a script font, has been designed. A very smooth, clean, and elegant font is available to download and use in various projects.

Download at: Priscilla Script Font

8. Gloss And Bloom Font

Gloss And Bloom Font free

Introducing you to the gloss & bloom script font for upcoming design trends. Which is a rough font handwritten font for elegant designs. 

Download at: Gloss And Bloom Font

9. Yellowtail Brush Font


Yellowtail is an old flat brush script font of medium weight—the best choice for old script designs. To add a unique attraction to the design, you have to use it. At the same, it falls in handwritten and brush fonts.

Download at: Yellowtail Brush Font

10. Great Vibes Font

great vibes font free download

It is introducing you to the Great Vibes script font for the latest design trends. An exquisite and good-looking font for signature and walls background. It is a Unicode typeface that works with Latin scripts and their variants.

Download at: Great Vibes Font

11. The Arthington Font

The Arthington Font free download

The Arthington is a premium quality font for fabulous. Perfect piece of handcrafted font, especially for signature design.

Download at: The Arthington Font

12. Undercut Signature Font Family

Undercut Signature Font free

Introducing you to the Undercut Signature handwritten font for upcoming design trends. An exquisite and good-looking font for signature and walls background. The curves of every alphabet are so realistic and natural. It adds more attractiveness to the design.

Download at: Undercut Signature Font

13. Aston Calligraphy Font


No doubt, calligraphy is a great art that comes from the designer’s fingers. Aston calligraphy is also a well-known font. It is a mixture of handling and calligraphy style which are designed to make it more elegant font in front of many other calligraphy fonts.

Download at: Aston Calligraphy Font

14. Galgadot Handwritten Font


Galgadot is a handwritten font same as Astron and Madani calligraphy. Galgadot is a luxury type font that is used to showcase your project in a different sense. The shapes of every alphabet are very creative and elegant.

Download at: Galgadot Handwritten Font

15. Madani Calligraphy Font


Madani Calligraphy Font is also a handwritten font that produces by the designer’s brushes and fingers. It also looks like the Aston Calligraphy Font. This handwritten font comes in luxurious and modern characters with a beautiful style.

Download at: Madani Calligraphy Font

16. Hugs and Kisses XoXo


Hugs and Kisses xoxo handwritten font which is elegant and perfect for designs. It is also a type of Calligraphy font that’s made for signs.

Download at: Hugs and Kisses xoxo

17. Calligraphy Script Font

Calligraphy Script Font free

Introducing you Calligraphy Script handwritten font for different designs. A new and good-looking font looks like a marker to use in your design. Best for advertisement purposes.

Download at: Calligraphy Script Font

18. Miolleta Calligraphy Font


Miolleta calligraphy is another handwritten font. It is also used for the modern type signature. Miolleta is a unique and modern font for upcoming designs.

Download at: Miolleta Calligraphy Font

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