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Brush Script MT Font

Brush Script MT Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Looking for Brush Script MT font free download? Look no further!

Brush Script MT is a casual script font that connects fluidly to mimic the look of handwritten cursive. Initially designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for American Type Founders (ATF), Brush Script MT takes inspiration from inkbrush strokes and handwriting as they are used on paper rather than electronic screens.

The Brush Script MT Font has been the subject of many studies by various groups of people. It has become the frequently used font for works of art, especially for graffiti writing. This is because its style and appearance impress any onlooker.

Brush Script MT is a Titling font design script thick, strong, and a little rough strokes for logos and headlines.

Brush Script MT Font Family

The use of lowercase letters is an ingenious design for many reasons. One reason is they are hard to read and cause extra emphasis on the look of handwritten text – which was a typical style in 1942 when it became popular with advertisers, shops, and posters alike.

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The popularity of the typeface persevered through the 1950s but waned with the increased use of worldwide typographic form. It is similar to the foreland vintage and has experienced a resurgence due to its nostalgic association with a bygone era.

Elegant and good-looking Arial is a versatile font with regular, bold, italic, and medium styles. Its beautiful strokes make your designs stand out without spending hours on Photoshop to perfect the details.


Mistral is one of the most popular and accessible casual script typefaces.

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When it comes to typography, brush script tattoo font is a diverse type. As the name suggests, this particular type of font uses a brush to create the scripted, handwritten effect.

The Rationalist geometric designs are inspired by the Bauhaus school and give it a painstakingly planned crispness. The typeface includes five different weights, 3 of which have an italic counterpart to match them in style.

Ink adds a more natural and unique feel to the text. It can be used to significant effect in the right setting.

Then we will list out some ways on how Brush Script MT Font can be used effectively in various design projects.”

The font is available in a single style that can be used on most occasions. It contains numerals, punctuation marks, and special symbols to boot! You can use it with Autocad too.

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