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Brandon Grotesque free font

Brandon Grotesque Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Looking for the Brandon Grotesque Font free download? Look no further!

Brandon Grotesque font is a beautifully designed aesthetic typeface that gives a perception of a glamorous, modern, and professional characteristic to your text.

It serves to give titles, subtitles, and short descriptions and provides fine details to your document.  

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Brandon Grotesque Google font was released by a typeface foundry known as HVD Fonts established by a German typeface designer, Hanns von Dohren, in 2009.

HVD Fonts is a franchise to one of the most elegant fonts, including Brevia livery, ITC Chino, FF Basic Gothic & Reklame Script.

Brandon Grotesque Family

Brandon Grotesque Font
Brandon Grotesque Font Preview

Brandon Grotesque is from a sans-serif font family, consisting of Six types of weights plus italics. 

Brandon Grotesque offers a remarkable functional appearance, while the Black and thin strokes are great features for large-scale displays and the small, regular fonts are suitable for longer texts.

Brandon Grotesque is furnished with professional and complex typography.


Brandon Grotesque is a multi-platform and exceptionally great font style when it comes to versatility hence it can be used over various projects for example web display, illustration, textual animation, large-scale advertisements, and textual logos. 

It is also used to serve the purpose of covers of books, magazines, and as well as brochures.

Font Clarity

Brandon Grotesque font is designed with precise spacing between each letter  and every character of the font has many details in every stroke to make it as much clear as possible 

hence font clarity is one of the top features of this font


Brandon Grotesque offers a fine detail to make your project stand out in public. It is one of the most attractive fonts you can get online.


Brandon Grotesque has a perfect texture suitable for all formats of prints, it offers a feature that does not allow the text to dilate or erode while zooming the document. 

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