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Bradley Hand ITC Font

Bradley Hand ITC Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Bradley Hand ITC Font is a family of fonts designed by Richard Bradley and published through International Typeface Corporation. 

This warm, familiar handwriting style gives the impression to be from an old-fashioned personal note written in pencil on paper with rich ink colors such as browns or blues, which makes it perfect for a computer-generated copy.

Bradley Hand ITC Font Family

The designer of this font, ITC Bradley Hand, created it for users with different needs. The design has given them options and the variety they need in their plans to see these fonts used across many sectors. And the font creation team has worked hard for months to create this perfect font.

Usage of Bradley Hand ITC Font

The ITC Bradley Hand is an excellent typeface for headlines and short texts. It has good legibility in point sizes as small as 8, making it perfect to use when you’re looking at something on your phone or tablet. 

The font’s shape also makes the text look more attractive than traditional letters do– which would be an asset if trying to add some flair into branding campaign messaging without going overboard with flashy designs.

Alternatives of Bradley Hand ITC Font

The free version of Bradley Hand ITC is ready for download. The link to get it can be found below, and downloading should not cost you anything.

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