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Boxed Font

Boxed Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Looking for Boxed Font free download? You are at the right place!

Josep Patau’s Boxed font is a Sans Serif typeface that can be used for any project. The difference in thickness makes it perfect to use on smaller screens, like smartphones and tablets.

You’re able to download this freebie at our website with 18 styles available, including subtle differences between each type, so you have more options while designing your projects.

Boxed Font Family

Boxed is a sans serif font. It was designed by Josep Patau and published by Tipo P├Ępel. It is perfect for small devices and also works great for printing. And its structure is neatly designed but the height is a little large. It adds extra beauty to the typeface because the strokes and width are slim.

Usage of Boxed Font

The Boxed font is a beautiful, modern font that can be used for many purposes. It’s perfect when developing mobile applications and games because of its wide range of styles available with just one single download. Boxed also has an official feel, making it easy to use in documents such as advertising materials, printing block headers, etc.

You could use the font on your artwork or design projects from logos banners brochures, cover pages inside books covers, posters magazines, business cards stationery websites.

Alternatives of Boxed Font

You can download this by clicking on the button below. We love this font and have been using it ourselves. Hope you do too and share with us your experience.

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