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Blockletter Font

Blockletter Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Block letter font is a serif typeface with thick lettering on the page. It’s very legible and ideal for long blocks of text that need to be easy to read at once, as well as headlines or titles in large sizes where you want an emphasis given off by line height instead of small caps letters which could result in misread because their size would make them difficult to see up close.

The new logo resembles the Hollywood signal, army lettering and sort discovered on collegiate attire. It is an entire overhaul situated on the font I designed years ago.

Blockletter Font Family

The Blockletter font is a modern take on the traditional lettering we all know and love. Instead of only containing uppercase characters, it also includes European accents as well as diacritics for more variety in your designs.

Block letter font is an attractive, modern typeface. It can be seen in advertising and branding for products like clothing or phrases on signs that say “we.” The font may also appear when you’re watching videos online just know it’s not licensed.

Usage of Blockletter Font

You can use regular or specialty versions depending on what look you’re going for – but either way, they are sure to make an impact with their unique style.

In the world of design, fonts are king. They’re what help make every project stand out and be memorable-retention is ultimately impossible without them these days.

Chunky block letter fonts are the answer for when you need some extra personality in your design.

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Alternatives of Blockletter Font

You can download your favorite block fonts and use them to make the design more interesting.

Once again, the Blockletter font is an amazing range of styles that you can use to make your work stand out. Hit the link below for an instant download!

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