Best Christmas Fonts to design cards

Before talking about the 15 best Free Christmas fonts let’s talk about the idea behind the holidays. According to the 2010 stats, there are 2.168 billion people who celebrate the Christmas holiday s every year around the world. People celebrate it with different styles of celebration.

Mostly People used to exchange gifts with another one to spread love and peace on 25th December.

Holidays are very important to keep the people united and happy. Different communities have different holidays like Muslims and Jews.

Designing Christmas card is also a part of this particular holiday. It adds more value and sensation to people’s lives.

To make it more memorable we find out the 15 best Christmas fonts and designs to use in gift cards to send to your beloved ones.

I personally use Script and Brush fonts to use in gift card design but everyone has his own feelings and choices.

1. Debby Regular Font

debby font free download

A well-designed hand-made font looks very smooth on any card. It looks more comfortable with headings. It can add more value to any of your holiday or greeting cards. Use it with a decent size to look more realistic.

2. Gloss And Bloom

Gloss And Bloom Font free

The perfect match of the script and hand-made type font to use in Christmas greeting cards and gifts. A very unique and most download font for multi-tasks in the design.

It comes with sharp marker-type characters. Could be a better choice for the signature at the end of the card.

3. Yellow Tail


An old but flat script font with medium weight is here to use in designs to bold or emphasize any words with their boldness. Looks very unique and elegant but with decent color. very popular and still unbeatable.

4. Playlist Script

playlist script font free download

Another script-type font and very demanding typeface. Comes with 3 unique types to stylize any design with a different style. Quite familiar with Debby. An Ideal font for you to use in different card and gift designs.

5. Sail Royals

Sail Royals Brush Font free download

Another handwritten font. It was designed in 2019 and seems very lucky because many designers choose it. Elegant and royal type font that adds more thickness to your gifts and cards through character design.

6. Right Times

Right Times Brush Font free

The right font to use at the right time with the right design. A right combination of the different edges of the brush. Looks very natural and decent in Christmas cards.

7. Adventure Script

adventure script font

Missing modern fonts? adventure script is one of them that fills your wishes with its beautiful signature type characters. Every alphabet is drawn decently without merging any other.

8. Birdrockers Brush Font


A font that is based on a realistic dry brush design. Supports multilingual and comes with swashes. The best choice to use in Christmas T-shirt design.

9. Ever Looser


Don’t lose your card’s design with ever looser brush font. Perfect glued and a wild font to use as a bold heading in a design. Proudly grabbed from the textures.

10. Bredan Duo


A font by a brand Vultype Co. Vintage handwritten font to use as a fancy tagline or a main heading “Christmas” or Happy Holiday. Retro style font that is a mixture of the two main types of fonts Sans Serif and Vintage.

11. Troothusan Font


A Rough SVG & Clean version is available here to add something unique to Christmas card designs. Especially, very famous for DIY and greeting cards.

12. Badaas Moon

badass moon brush font free download

A cool script font made with lettering. Perfect choice for greeting cards and diary writing. It works with any Sans serif font perfectly.

13. Sugarplum

Sugarplum Font free download

We called it an official font for Christmas card designs. As it looks very decent with Christmas trees and gift cards in the attached image. Looks very charming and funny which can make happy to your receiver.

14. Great Vibes

great vibes font free download

Spread the peace, love, and great vibes with anyone around you to build a strong connection with others. great vibes are a part of script typefaces.

It is based upon fancy and trendy design ideas. It works with many languages and Latin scripts.

15. The Arthingtn

The Arthington Font free download

Perfect piece of art and a combination of premium styles. It comes with complete stylish design types. Suitable for cards and printing t-shirts.


I hope these 15 free fonts for Christmas card and gift designs will be helpful use any of them on your own choice. I am sure any of these fonts will add more value to your gift and will spread the love.

Happy Holiday!