Designers are always looking for the best way to represent their designs. One of the most popular ways is through text. This article discusses what fonts work best on t-shirts and other apparel, so designers know how to format their artwork accordingly. 

best free fonts for t-shirts

Designers often create logos or text that needs to be printed on a shirt in order to get people’s attention. They may also want words or phrases added onto an existing design, such as with embroidery or patches. 

There are certain fonts that will look good when they’re made into letters on clothes; some will not look good at all! If you don’t know which ones work well, this article has you covered with some suggestions and examples of fonts that make for great clothing decoration.

How to Print on T Shirts?

The question is how do you print on t-shirts?  The answer is with a heat press. A heat press can be used to print graphics, designs, patterns, or text onto your t-shirt. Heat presses are available in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of any business owner looking to create custom apparel for their customers. 

A heat press transfers ink or dye from a metal plate that has been coated with an emulsion (a liquid suspension) consisting of pigment particles suspended in water, oil, or both; this process allows printing on fabrics like cotton and polyester using solvent-based inks which dry fast and remain colorfast even after washing. It’s important to find the right type of equipment for your specific project. 

Best Fonts for T Shirts

Here are the 15 best fonts for t-shirts. You can use them in your t-shirt designs. You can directly download fonts within seconds.

Oswald Font

oswald font

Oswald Font is a popular font that looks great on all devices. It was created for free.

Anton Font

anton font

Anton is a typeface that has been optimized for the web.

Jersey Font

jersy font

Jersey font is a design that takes inspiration from the classic Varsity typeface. It’s easily distinguishable with curved edges and rough designs to make numberings stand out, making it perfect for all you sports T-shirt lovers on an affordable budget.

Fortnite Font

fortnite font

The font was designed from the popular video game, Fortnite. It’s a bold typeface and originated in this famous video game.

Perpetua Font

perpetua font

Introducing Perpetua Font, one of the most fashionable fonts you’ve ever seen! This present-day script font is modern and trendy.

Gloss And Bloom Font

gloss-and-bloom font

Download Gloss and Bloom font for free in just a few seconds.

Lemon Milk Font Family 

lemon-milk font

A new display font has been created for modern designs and arts.

Canvas Heavy Script Font


Canvas Heavy comes with 3 different weight variations: regular heavy, layered designs that feature a high-resolution texture and come with the capability to retain the realistic attributes even at large sizes.

Garden Grown Caps Font


Gorgeous and elegant, Garden Grown Caps is the font design we all wish to have.

Brotherhood Font

brotherhood font

Introducing you to the Brotherhood Script Font. It is an elegant font used extensively in signature and wall backgrounds, making it a good choice for upcoming design trends.

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