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Benton Sans Font Free Download

Benton Sans Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Looking for this great Benton Sans Font free download? Look no further!

Benton Sans Font is a solid workhorse typeface that works well in both display and text sizes. It is easy to read on-screen while still looking professional.

It gives off a friendly vibe and works well for making any number of products look modern and easy to understand.

You can download Benton Sans font from here for free. Besides that, there are many great examples of using this font on the web. From my perspective, it looks nice on eCommerce product design and blog post headings.

Benton Sans Font Family


Benton Sans Font is an excellent font if you are looking for something that is both bold and professional. It was created by Ralf Herrmann in 2006 but inspired by Comic Sans. This makes it a unique, retro, and vintage font for your design hobbies.

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When you are working on your next design project, it can be difficult to choose the perfect font to use. Before you start creating the next project you might want to take some time and do some research into what fonts are at your disposal.

There are so many fonts out there, and sometimes it can be very overwhelming when you need a specific type of font to match the designs you have in mind. Benton Sans is considered one of the top free fonts that are available today. It has an old-style calligraphic feel that makes it appear elegant and classy.

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Benton Sans is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by George Ryan Benton in the mid-1990s. Taking inspiration from the style of the American typographer Morris Fuller Benton, this font family comes in three weights and features clean, geometric lines.

I have an exam coming up in my graphic design class and I was looking for an elegant, crisp, modern font to use for my final project. I ran across Benton Sans Typewriter font that is not only extremely versatile but it’s also super easy to read.

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Benton Sans Font is the perfect font choice for your next project. It’s clean and legible and the web font file size is small. Ready to use this amazing font? Click the button below for instant download.

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