Bembo Font Free Download

Bembo Font Free Download

The typeface Bembo is a serif and part of the old-style group. This font was designed in 1928–1929 by Monotype’s British branch, which named it after notable Venetian poet Pietro Bembo who published his book “De Aetna.

 You can find many different weights from regular or bold text to outline around 150 characters per square inch (cPI).

Bembo Font Family

Bembo is a typeface initially designed in the 15th century by Francesco Griffo. 

It has been revived for use on both letterhead and formal documents, but most famous as an essential part of history when it appeared within Monotype’s first-ever pressing at his calligraphic scripts with almost double the amount there than what had previously existed- making this font not only elegant yet legible; meaning you can read what these people wrote even if they were centuries ago.

Usage of Bembo Font

The typeface Bembo was designed by American font designer Charles Bigelow back in 2007. It has since been used across a vast range of programs, including Photoshop, InDesign Illustrator, and Microsoft Word, among others; making it one versatile choice for designers who need to be able to create various styles with ease while staying within limits imposed by their chosen discipline or project’s scope (for instance if you’re designing print materials like brochures). 

One great thing about this particular lettering style? You can use almost any combination imaginable without worrying too much about running into problems due to both its vast availability as well as how easy to get.

Alternatives of Bembo Font

If you are interested in the Bembo font and want to download a free version, here it is. The download link is ready for the youth touch font. Click the download link below, and you will get the font immediately at no cost.

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