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Baskerville Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Baskerville Font is an excellent serif typeface reliable for various textual relating professions. It’s a typeface developed by John Baskerville in Birmingham during the 1750s. He created this font as a development of the Caslon typeface.

It was based on the structure of previous serif typefaces but reduced the contrast between thick and thin strokes, which makes it particularly distinctive.

Baskerville Font Family

baskerville font preview

Baskerville Fonts is a high decision but not a sharp serif typeface that additionally works in small sizes. This free font family comes with a tall X-Heights character which is excellent for reading body text.

Baskerville Font is an old-style serif font that aims to replicate the typography set by John Baskerville. The font itself is essentially a loose revival of the classical typeface. It comes in seven weights which include light, medium, demi bold, bold, black, heavy, and extra black as well.

Usage of Baskerville Font

In terms of usage, this font works great as a title and display font on page layouts, menus, and Poster. Baskerville is free for commercial use font family. Whether it’s for your photography, business card, or display on your website, Baskerville will have a seamless appearance, thus boosting your branding efforts.

Alternatives of Baskerville Font

Baskerville Font has been designed using its developed typographic procedure containing many fine details and ornaments. As a result, the font becomes impressively soft for all viewing purposes. The font is produced in four styles that cover practically all your design needs.

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So we are pretty confident this font will serve you and your clients well!

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