Barlow Font Free Download

Barlow Font Free Download

Barlow Basic Sans Serif Font is a slightly rounded, low-contrast typeface. Drawing from the visual inspiration of California’s public transportation—primarily cars and highways–Barlow shares many similarities with this state’s car plates (both in look & sound), bus signs/transports, train rails, etc.

This is the Normal family, which can create elegant typography with its 9 weights in Roman and Italic.

Jeremy Tribby is the brains behind Barlow, a creative San Francisco-based designer who has developed this font for personal and commercial use. It’s free.

Barlow Font Family

The Bangers script is known for its pairing capabilities and can give a unique look on web pages or brand designs. if you want the font with no hesitation of compatibility, use it across operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS X.

Barlow font fonts are made to be creative and versatile, which is why they’re perfect for any project that needs an edgy but professional look. Imagine the Meta Normal font on your favorite logo design with Bangers’ shape-filled letters as stated above.

Usage of Barlow Font

You can apply this combination across many fields such as book covers or banners – really anything in need of some good old-fashioned attitude.

It can be used in a wide variety of applications, from headlines and titles to paragraphs. Its textured style makes it perfect for posting high-quality quotes or content with long blocks without feeling too congested on-screen because there will always remain plenty of white space surrounding each letter when using this font.

Alternatives of Barlow Font

Download the free font to make your designs stand out from the crowd. Uses of this commercial-free typeface include personal and non-profit projects, but you can’t use it in a business without buying a license first.

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