Avenir Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Avenir Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Are you looking for the Avenir font free download? You’re at the right place to download avenir font free within seconds. You can use it everywhere.

In 1987 Adrian Frutiger discovered a category of font which included attributes of different variations of fonts containing extra bold, semi-bold Italic, lightweight, compressed and regular font for different usages depending upon the requirements.

Later on the next year after minor developments and considerations the font was released officially by Linotype Gmbh and it was named as “Avenir”.

Avenir Font Family

The name Avenir is derived from the French language, which simply means “the future.” Since the style of the font gave a futuristic perception and appeal.

The Avenir font was influenced by the early font design known as Sans Serif, which was developed in the 1920s; hence, this is a reason to notice a specific geometry in the font’s general design.

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Frutiger explained the font as, “he did not want to depict the informative idea behind the font rather, he emphasized on the craftsmanship or the actual physical aesthetics of the font which defined its modern attractive characteristics, which the font gave”.

The official release of the Avenir font was arguably less differentiated due to the compressed weight.

Frutiger explained in his account that this was actually the feedback of how people received the font’s insight. Hence it is noticed the slightly bolder characteristics.

Usage of Avenir Font

Avenir Font Preview
Font Preview

Each type of font gives off a specific meaning. Usually, it is also used as non-verbal communication. If there is humor,r then to emphasize it, a specific font is used similarly to decorate a birthday card or poster. A particular font is utilized.

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Since the Avenir font gives a very professional appeal and overall look, it is mainly used for professional purposes such as website texts, offices, documents, and advertisements.

Some of the famous references of the Avenir font usages are described below.

  • OS X mountain lion, iwork for iCloud came with a built-in default Avenir font, also the apple version ios 6 came with Avenir font in maps and screens of Siri interface.
  • In Plattsburgh, the state university of New York uses the Avenir font officially in their advertisements.
  • Disney uses Avenir font in its interface of video-on-demand services.
  • Spotify uses the Avenir bold typeface in their app interface.
  • Aliexpress uses the Avenir medium font for their website content and commercials.
  • Toyota brand officially uses the Avenir font.
  • AOL brand utilizes regular Avenir for their website and advertisements.

Hence, depending upon the desire the Avenir font is utilized globally by the official brand’s companies and intuitions as well.

Download this font just by clicking on the below button. Also, please share your thoughts on this historical font with us in the comment section.

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