Avantgarde Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Avantgarde Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Avantgarade font free download is here to use in multiple designs. Just in seconds.

This aesthetic logo is the base icon of a magazine of Avant Garde.
In 1970 Herb Lubalin & Tom Carnase designed the Avant Garde font.

It was based on the Avant Garde Magazine’s logo which was designed by Lubalin.

It was a stunning craft & imbrication of uppercase geometric letters.
Avant Garde is a sans-serif font which concludes that it is designed with straights and circles, it shows resemblances with the work of the German Bauhaus movement, 1920.


After the construction of the iconic logo of Avant Garde, Tom Carnase who was a popular type designer and a lettering artist received the logo of Avant Garde from Lubalin thus he modified and made the addition of ligatures and characters.

Then it was referred to all the departments of the magazine and soon there were enough letters to complete the whole alphabet.

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This way the Avant Garde Gothic was established. Later it was licensed to International Typeface Corporation.

Avant Garde Font Preview

ITC Avant Garde font comes with 4 weights, named as follows;

  • Avant Garde Extra light
  • Avant Garde Book
  • Avant Garde Medium
  • Avant Garde Bold
  • Avant Garde Extra light offers a very fine weight of the font which can be used for small descriptions or details.
Avant Garde font preview
Avant Garde Font Preview

Avant Garde Book font gives a moderated weight keeping uniform geometry best for web content.

Avant Garde Medium font features a mix of lightweight and moderate weight which gives overall a slightly bolder look to the text this font design is best for sub-headings on documents.

Avant Garde bold is the chief font from which the famous logo of the Avant Garde was driven, the bold weight gives a stunning look to the text when used in a particular orientation like overlapping of the texts shown in the logo.

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Avant Garde is mainly made as a decorative font which serves the purpose of headings and subheading if you want to give your content a vibe of the 70s. However, the best feature of Avant Garde is the capability of creating logos.

This unzip this file and start using it.

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