You are currently viewing Autumn Chant Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Autumn Chant Font Free Download [Direct Link]

We are introducing Autumn Chant Font, a script font designed by Roland Huse, a font designer based in Budapest, Hungary. For creating this typeface inspiration was taken from various writing styles such as calligraphy, hand lettering, and brush lettering.

The design is clean and very readable making this a great choice for body text.

Autumn Chant Font Family

Autumn Chant Font Preview

The Autumn Chant font has a handwritten-looking appearance with intense twisting, bending, and thin edges. Which makes it very unique and special.

All the letters have a different appearance but there is a thing common among all. Some parts look hand-written and written messily; some parts looked like have been updated and are sharp, and some parts look like you are touching the letter lightly, which forms an interesting effect. 

Below is the demo of this free language character from the Autumn Chant fonts.

Usage of Autumn Chant Font

The Autumn Chant Font is a handwritten-looking font that looks almost like your writing. It might seem it would be difficult to read for some people but you’re wrong. At the same time, many of the font’s characters look like you wrote them. It helps when you want your text characters to stand out and make your message increase their memorable impression.

Font can be used to make logos, brochures, books, posters, advertising, signatures, and more. If you create a website template with this font, it will help brand your company. If you have a clothing line, music festival or social media campaign needs to market, this font is the best option.

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Alternatives of Autumn Chant Font

This font boasts more than fifty characters with several Open-type functions. Due to the sheer largeness of its letters, by using this font, you’ll have the ability to nearly take a look at every detail of the totality this typeface may have. Throughout the many decades of its creation, the designers continuously used the font in their most pricey projects.

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