Athletic Font Free Download

Athletic Font Free Download

Athletic Font is a script font that makes any project look more professional. Download and install on your computer today!

As advertising becomes more and more competitive, it is becoming increasingly crucial for brands to stand out from their competition. One way that they do this effectively? They use a font with unique characteristics such as those in “Old Sport.”

Athletic Font Family


The old sport was designed by Font Bureau’s award-winning team specifically for print advertisements back when big headings were commonplace on pages-long paragraphs,

according to developer information found online about these typefaces during its time between 1989 – 1995. 

Designed like most other fonts at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice subtle differences which make them stand apart: low curves, sharp angles linking character shapes together without loops, etc.

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This is an awesome and groovy font that has 723 glyphs, which are all available to use. The loose sans serif style will make your text look less formal than other fonts on the market today without compromising readability in any way!

The Zelda font is a futuristic, sci-fi typeface that was created to be used on cell phones or small screens. It has an unmistakable look and feels to it because it’s designed by way of Jabir – one of Egypt’s most prominent graphic designers in history who also happens to be responsible for this incredible work!

Usage of Athletic Font

The typeface is an eye-catching, well-performed serif. Each letter of the word “Labyrinth” has a stylized maze and stands out from each other as if they were on display for all to see in barely perceptible contrast against one another with vibrant colors that reflect light like jewels set into gold plate armor; this picture effect makes it easy to fall under its spell – just look at those pretty little lines!

The stunning font was initially geometric, but it has been updated to include more ligatures and contextual alternatives. Brands that want their brand design to stand out should use this typeface.

Alternatives of Athletic Font

I’m not taking the name too literally here, but I do sense a light gray watermark on white for an internet site that is voguish. There are ten weights and styles available in this trendy font so that you can find one perfect for your design needs.

From the “p” and “r” to curve-loving Oregano, it’s clear that this is one brand that will not be going unnoticed. With its ample curves at these critical letters in particular as well as elsewhere throughout their text font (such an sb), there seems little doubt about what message they’re trying to convey.

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