You are currently viewing Aparajita Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Aparajita Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Introducing Aparajita Font Family. You might have seen this on many websites. It’s originally developed by Modular Infotech in 2016 and now it has got the Microsoft Corporation’s full attention.

This font family was designed for use in displaying the Hindi language in documents. And not only Hindi also supports many international languages such as English, Latin, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, and many more.

Aparajita Font Family

Aparajita Font Preview

This font provides support for Devanagari languages. Many other fonts usually available online only offer Persian, Arabic, or Latin series but not Indian. This is quite a blessing for Farsi and Urdu writers. It holds extra special features like kerning and old-style figures, proportional numbering, etc.

Aparajita is an awesome font. It has more than 722 characters. It’s the font of all fonts.

Usage of Aparajita Font

The Aparajita typeface is a versatile and elegant package of fonts designed by Modular Infotech. You can personalize your documents, labels, signs, posters, and other print materials by using this font. It’s available in 7 styles, each of which provides you with a different feel.

The Aparajita font family comes with the features of both Serif and Sans serif, it is stylishly designed for all types of display-purpose that involve magazines, books, blogs, posters, and other documents that need highly legible Hindi text.

Alternatives of Aparajita Font

Microsoft has added Aparajita font to the list of core fonts in Windows 10 v 1803. The selection of multiple fonts makes the text look very good and attractive.

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Since this font family is created with a notion to make it serve as one of the finest font types, it’s safe to say that this font has done just that. Its capability to support many different languages tells us this is a great font that can be used by many people around the world.

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