Aloha Font Free Download

Aloha Font Free Download

Aloha is a brand new font. It was first released on 14 February 2016. There are four free weights of the typeface family. If you want to download or install them, you can download from our website.

First time there is a font that is best for fashion, beauty, luxury and classy designs. Aloha Font has those qualities to make your design more attractive.

Aloha Font Family

Aloha Font Preview

The Aloha font is a new, modern and fashionable sans-serif font in eight variants – Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. It is designed to help you create stylish, attractive designs.

Aloha Free font family is unique and includes 8 separate fonts. The distinctive feature of the font is that it perfectly matches when combined with another font from the same family. Speaking about the weight, Aloha offers a set of 3 weights – Thin, Regular and Bold. 

Usage of Aloha Font

I’m sure that you’re looking for delightful fonts which seem to hold the essence of love. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Aloha font is a unique font that makes it easier for you to pass your message and make it stand out. Like its name, Aloha means hello or goodbye but in the Hawaiian language in English.

Aloha is a free sans-serif font family with a distinct look, inspired by the early typefaces of the European avant-garde movements, with a precise and delicate teardrop shape for long-proportioned letters.

Alternatives of Aloha Font

Besides its traditional style with Opentype features, the Aloha Font Family boasts 170 characters and up to 200 glyphs.

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In any case, you would like this high-quality typeface for business use to buy its permit from Mr. R mi Godfred. After that, you can use it for unique event cards, banners, and many other reasons.

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