Aller Font Family Free Download

Aller Font Family Free Download

The Aller font fa, Emily, was created in 2008 for the Danish School of Media and Journalism, with kind sponsorship from Aller. 

From its release, it has been made available to users across organizations free of charge on ours. As distribution comes to an end, we are delighted to carry forward this principle through Free Licence for all these editions.

You’re a font connoisseur, right? Well, the Aller family of fonts is available for free use by up to 25 people within your household or organization. Before downloading it, make sure that you read and agree to our Free Licence Agreement and any other agreements that apply according to their individual needs before using these typefaces.

Aller Font Family

Five different fonts, each with its features and traits, make up this stylish font circle. From Regular to Light it’s all there in front of us.

Along with that, American Whiskey can serve you in diverse design approaches. You could use the typeface to add an old world flair or create something more modern like a logo.

American whiskey has many uses for designers, such as adding style and sophistication while still maintaining its roots from America’s southern neighbor Ireland; it also comes equipped with some beautiful scotch font options, so we’re not just talking shots of 101 Proof here either (though they do sound delicious).

Usage of Aller Font Family

When it comes to design, one of my favorite things is fonts. I enjoy finding new ones and preparing them for fun or business purposes- whatever suits your needs best.

I can create anything from an elegant banner with scrolling text on top in Impact font-size 12px using our premium themes; Or give you something more personal, like maybe customizing someone’s company logo so they won’t ever get lost among the crowd again by adding their twist & personality.

The logo for this premium American whiskey reads like a law firm in the world of bureaucracy. The font and colors seem to suggest that these professionals take their work seriously, but not too much to lose sight of what’s most important: enjoying yourself while doing it.

Alternatives of Aller Font Family

This font is perfect for creating an emblem in composing a book or brochure with its professional and stylish look. You can also use the elegant letters to make posters designs that are catchy yet eye-catching when displayed on your wall at home!

I hope you will like this font to date; tell us your experience within the comment segment underneath. Also, share with friends and co-workers on your social networks in case it’s worth sharing.

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