Algerian Font Free Download

Algerian Font Free Download

Algerian font is a serif typeface that came into being in the 20th century. Its possessiveness spans generations of designers to go after them like Meeks & Kelly, who designed it back then but still can be seen today especially.

On logos for major brands from different companies around the world! A British foundry, Stephenson Blake, released this beautiful typeface with Linotype.

Algerian Font Family


URW’s 1993 is a typeface that has become popular in recent years. The capital and lowercase letters were first designed, but after some time, they also released additional letterforms A-Z and z for added variety.

A display serif typeface released in the 20th century has many versions with more weights and styles. Furthermore, this perfect font can be used for any situation you may find yourself needing it!

Furthermore, you can bring out many different Algerian font logos with the help of this Generator. With just one click on your mouse or tap on a touch screen keyboard, there are endless possibilities for creating designs in fonts to match any message.

Usage of Algerian Font

The font Algerian contains more than 20 styles so that it can be used on many different platforms.

In 2020, the newly released modern version of this typeface was called Taco with increased weights and styles that made it is worth more fantastic for use in websites or designs as well as covers advertisements packaging branding, etc.

When the font was first applied to a famous product company in 1985, it took all of its limelight.

You can easily download a large family of Algerian font for free to use it in your commercial projects. Download the character set and start using it excessively everywhere, with all styles available at your fingertips!


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