Adidas Font Free Download

Adidas Font Free Download

Adidas Font has become one of the most popular typefaces in sports. It is without a doubt the most iconic and recognizable sports font today.

Adidas Font is a bold and geometric sans-serif. Futura clearly inspires it, but it has a few differences. After comparing Adidas Font with Futura, there are five differences: 1) The top stroke on the upper case letter z is thicker. 2) Stem of capital I am thinner. 3) There are two horizontal strokes on capital C; the small one is slightly bigger than the big one. 4) Upper case O has a tail that continues to underline the letter. 5) The vertical stroke on upper case T is slightly longer than lower case T.

Adidas Font Family

Adidas font is a display type font created by Adidas. The origin of this font is Germany. It designed in 1948. The designer was Adolf Adi Dassler.

Adidas font is used in many fields. Here I’ve chosen a few that might interest you and the different ways they’re used.

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This font is a distinctive font that is used for apparel, advertising, and branding. The font was designed to be bold and commercially viable for print. They were looking to create a visual language that could fit across all their surfaces including clothing, signage, online, and product packaging.

Adidas is a famous football shoe brand in the world. Today’s post will tell you a bit more about the cool font. I’m sure you’ll learn something new and interesting. So, let’s take a look.

A lot of designers are looking for the best typeface for logo design. Sometimes they’re searching for a list of logos they can use as inspiration or a template when designing their own logo. This is the reason why this post was created: to offer you other fonts that look similar to Adidas Font, so you can use them in your designs.

Adidas is one of the most famous brands worldwide. But how cool is it? It is really cool and classy, after all it’s using an awesome font as a logo: Adidas Font.


Adidas font is used for headlines and logos. It is designed based on the idea that every individual needs to have their own style, character, and Adidas font to design a unique product. However, this font doesn’t have so many special characters. Only a couple of special characters like €, ¢ can make some words more attractive for people to read them.

Download this font below.

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