Adelle Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Adelle Font Free Download [Direct Link]

A mix of glamour and versatility gives anĀ  opening to one of the top rated and most liked font design known as the Adelle font, this amazing looking font was designed jointly with efforts of “Jose Scaglione” and “Veronika Burian”, Adelle font was a released by a foundry known as “Type Together” foundry established in 2006.

Which is home to one of the most famous font aims at producing linear or professional type font designs.

Adelle Font Family


The designers of this font have put efforts in making it simple yet modern looking designs which aim for magazines, newspapers or professional document formats. 

Adelle belongs to the slab serif font family featuring a slightly heavy design to serve the purpose of titles; however, Adelle includes thirty different styles for various requirements.


Adelle appears to be limited to only formal platforms and business, it is true, however, the different styles of this font when used in a particular fashion.

Shows an amazing work to be used for numerous types of tasks, including designing merchandise, brand theme, creating awesome logo fonts, best for editing over graphics, highly recommended for designing book covers, and suitable for engraving over the metal pieces or leathers.

1. Font Clarity

The designer of this font has carefully designed it making it more easy on eyes thus it does not make sharp contrast on black and white background.

2. Print-ability

Adelle font features a fine texture and it does not erode or pixalate over high zoomability.


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