Are you looking to get basic fonts to use in your projects? Here you’re at the right place. Now you can download a mega-collection of basic fonts within seconds.

What is a Basic Font?

Basic Font is a type of clean and crisp edges that is easy to use in any design. Every alphabet letter has a perfect shape and design to use.

best basic font list

Most of the designers use basic fonts to meet their client’s satisfaction. Here we have compiled a collection based on stats. These fonts are easy to use with any design and most of them are designed by the Professional back in the 19-20 century.

01. Patagonia by the Tilde

patagonia font free

Description: Remarkable, easy to use, and best for Logos and bold headings. Just designed by a very famous cloth brand.

Download at: Patagonia Font

02. Heavitas by Deepak Dogra

Heavitas-free font

Description: Designed by an Indian Designer, Bold type shapes are rounded and geometric. Best for branding and headings.

Download at: Heavitas Font

03. Elder Futhark by Curtisclark

elder futhark

Description: Fancy and the basic at the same place with a sharp corner. Best for fancy and gaming banners.

Download at: Elder Futhark Font

04. Anton by Vernon Adams

anton font

Description: Traditional font also web-optimized, Best for Banners and Heavey Display lines.

Download at: Anton Font

05. Carnival Font by White Supply


Description: Vintage type font, Outlined, and smooth for Entertainment projects. Best for product taglines.

Download at: Carnival Font

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06. MADE Florence by Made Type

MADE Florence Font

Description: Mixed of a handwritten and basic font with bold and minimal characters to make your design more appealing. Best for female Blog typography.

Download at: Made Florance Font

07. Uniform Font by Michael Cox

Uniform Typeface font free

Description: A curved font that is perfectly designed for Cinema movie titles. Best for bold style headings.

Download at: Uniform Typeface Font

08. Big Noodle Titling by Sentinel Type


Description: Great choice for movie posters. Best for Youtube thumbnails and Social Media Posts.

Download at: Big Noodle Titling Font

09. Nexa Font Family by Svetoslav Simov


Description: The most demanding font in web designing, graphics, and banners. Also, could be a better choice for the product design.

Download at: Nexa Font Family